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Yeera [1] is a character in Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars.   He is played by Noah Segan.


Like Pemily Stallwark, Yeera was born on Earth's Moon, in Zone 3. He was selected as a Punishment Soccer participant in the same year as Pemily.

Yeera sacrificed himself to save Pemily. He was killed by Jessamyn and Bradam.  One of them slide tackled him low, and the other slide tackled him high.

Pemily immediately killed Jessamyn and Bradam in retaliation, and kicked in the final goal to win the Punishment Soccer.  

After Cactoid Jim dismantled the Punishment Soccer while wandering the galaxy doing good, the peoples of Earth felt so bad about what they did to the moon, that they cloned all of the kids ever killed in Punishment Soccer. Several of these kids were sent to Mars to live, and played intramural regular (non-punishment) soccer.

Yeera was put on the team The Troublemakers, which was coached by the Barkeep. The Barkeep was a very good coach and gave very rousing speeches, causing his team to be undefeated.

Not knowing about the cloning program, in Free KicksSparks Nevada brought Croach the Tracker and Pemily Stallwark to a game between the Troublemakers and the team Felton coached, The Lil' Marshals in order to help Pemily overcome being triggered by soccer. Pemily thought she was hallucinating seeing Yeera and other kids she knew on the field, but Yeera and the other kids were actually clones, and came to talk to Pemily.

Pemily was able to successfully handle her emotions at seeing Yeera and the other kids. Despite being happy to see each other and possibly still having feelings for each other, Yeera and Pemily decided to not continue their possible romantic relationship for now.  They said they would  continue to grow up and discover life post-punishment soccer, but to still keep in touch.