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An ad for WorkJuice Coffee in the Original Graphic Novel.

WorkJuice brand coffee is a fictional sponsor of The Thrilling Adventure Hour. WorkJuice is made by the same fictional company that produces Patriot Brand Cigarettes. Real WorkJuice coffee may be purchased from Paul Pape Designs

The King of Coffee

The King of Coffee, more than mere spokes-commoner for WorkJuice products, His Highness is Royal born and chosen to represent the finest coffee in the known world.

The King of Coffee is played by Paul F. Tompkins, who wears a distinctive king hat for the ads during the stage show.

The King of Coffee's Fanfare

Ruler over roasted bean,
Father of all things caffeine
Unworthy subjects worship thee,
Pledge loyalty on bended knee
All hail him!
All hail him!
And loud his praises sing
Oh we bow down, before the crown
God save our coffee king!


Jefferson Reid, Ace American 1

Jefferson Reid, Ace American 1 (TAH #3) pauses twice for a word from The WorkJuice Corporation.


Dressing Room

A word from our sponsor

Another word from our sponsor

Bucatino Business

Bucatino Business #2

Bucatino Business #3

Bucatino Business #4

Bucatino Business #5

Bucatino Business #6

Bucatino Business #7

  • Full title: 196.1 "Bucatino Business #7"
  • Released February 16, 2015

Bucatino Business #8

  • Full title: 201.1 "Bucatino Business #8"
  • Released March 30, 2015

Bucatino Business #9

Bucatino Business #10

Bucatino Business #11

A Word from the King of Coffee

Bucatino Business.

Fab Chanukkah

The King of Coffee interrupts the ending of theAmelia Earhart, Fearless Flyer episode Fab Chanukkah, which is a part of The Full Christmas Episode from December 2011.  He commands Amelia Earhart, Merriweather, the Maccabees and a Nazi to sing for him, and they perform the following song.

Just one sip
And he'll have you in his grip
You'll drink it by your Christmas tree
By order of his royal decree
So put away the nog and brew a pot
WorkJuice Coffee
It'll hit the spot!

The WorkJuice Anthem

An instrumental version of the WorkJuice Anthem is played under the closing credits of each Thrilling Adventure Hour podcast. All WorkJuice themes were written by Ben AckerBen Blacker and Andy Paley.

Opening Theme

(generally directly following a "commercial" sketch)


That's right, WorkJuice is the most caffeine-dense coffee legally available in the marketplace
Fire up a cup of it!
And the radio diversions underwritten by the WorkJuice Corporation are scientifically proven to provide exactly the same rush as a single serving of WorkJuice. But don't take my word for it, take Our word for it!

(music begins, speaking)

Gather ye huddled masses, yearning for a buzz
Who'll fix your fix, give you your kicks?
Who'll do the trick? It's us, (sung) because... 

(Group, singing)

We're WorkJuice, WorkJuice,
WorkJuice, WorkJuice.... 
Let WorkJuice entertain you with
The Show to end all Shows
A spectacle of sound you'll hear
A three ring circus for your ears! 
Adventure on the airwaves
From Maine to Mexico 
A million thrills
Ring through the hills
It's WorkJuice on your radio!  

Closing Theme


From the Oral tradition to the Aural Tradition, one of the many fine distinctions available from WorkJuice 

(Group, singing)

What greets America with each new morn?
A steaming cup of rise and shine
What tastes the best and costs the least
And keeps the wheels of progress greased? 
WorkJuice, WorkJuice,
WorkJuice, WorkJuice.... 
It moves the masses marching proud and strong, in
The greatest nation in the land
It spurs the worker bee to thrive
And keeps the Queen Bee in her hive 
We sip beneath the spacious skies
Sweet juice of Liberty!
We grind thy beans with brotherhood
From sea to shining sea.
O WorkJuice, we praise thy name 
'Tis you that molds us from the clay 
O WorkJuice, mighty WorkJuice
It's WorkJuice for the U S A!