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Werewolves transform on the three days of the full moon and spread lycanthropy through traditional biting. The effects are cumulative: a werewolf twice bitten becomes a double werewolf. You do not wish to know that that entails.


While in human form, a werewolf does not have any inhuman abilities.

Once transformed into a werewolf via the full moon, a werewolf has enhanced senses.

Killing a Werewolf

Werewolves are extremely hard to kill while transformed. They must be shot through the heart with silver, gold, platinum and diamond bullets (all the precious metals in ascending order), staked through the heart, decapitated and shot in the brain, then the head must be buried in hallowed ground, the body burned, the fire put out with holy water, then burned again before sunup.

Or you can just wait until they're not a werewolf anymore and kill them regular style.

Rivalry with Vampires

Werewolves are not at war with vampires in the Beyond Belief universe, but people think that they are. They are simply much stronger than vampires, who can only enchant their victims into thrall. It is, however, considered an unholy union for a werewolf and a vampire to bear a child, as it may produce an anti-christ.


"Wolfman" and "old dog" are terms offensive to werewolves.

Known Werewolves

  • Dave Henderson - Only a mannish sort of werewolf when the moon is full. This grants him no special privilege.
  • The Horsewolf - Half racehorse, half werewolf, this beast killed his jockey while transformed.
  • Keller
  • Steve