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Vive Le Reich? is an episode of Amelia Earhart, Fearless Flyer.


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Abby Adams calls Amelia Earhart in her Lockheed Electra. Amelia offers to take Abby to a beach for some R&R but there's no time - the Nazis are in 15th century France. Abby tells Amelia to be careful as she flies through a time hole to the distant past.

In the 15th Century, Joan of Arc is about to be burned at the stake when Amelia lands and rescues her in the Electra. Joan tells Amelia that Nazis have taken the Notre Dame cathedral. Amelia suggests they bomb the area then go celebrate with some wine, but Joan objects that they will destroy the cathedral's rich history yet to come. Instead, they land to confront the Nazis face to face with Joan's sword and Amelia's gun.

The Cathedral is full of nazis, and Amelia suggests they infiltrate, over Joan's objections that it doesn't sound violent enough. Joan ruins several nazi uniforms by decapitating the nazis wearing them before acquiring two uniforms they can wear.

They head to the meeting taking place inside Notre Dame, where Commandant Otto Drangt is holding a meeting. Drangt is a brain in a jar, kept alive by nazi technology. His assistant, Rolf, is very giggly but capable. Drangt gives a rousing speech to his troops about how well they've been doing in 15th century France. He asks for some words of encouragement from another nazi, Oberst Grife, who can be identified by the largest iron cross insignia. Amelia is wearing the uniform of the Oberst.

Amelia attempts to give a rousing speech to the nazi troops, but proves bad at giving rousing nazi speeches. Rolf accuses Amelia of being an imposter. Amelia accuses Rolf of being the imposter, instead, but Drangt begins to believe Amelia is the imposter and tells the guards to secure her. Joan kills Rolf and the other guards. He then recognizes Joan, and shows Amelia and Joan that there is a tank outside waiting to kill them all. Amelia shoots Drangt's jar but it's bulletproof. He releases some robot spiders, which ruin Amelia's gun.

Joan attacks the tank with her sword and slices it open, killing the entire Freidlich family driving it. Drangt activates flying wings on his jar and flies away. Amelia leaves Joan to kill the rest of the army while she hops into her Lockheed Electra. When she turns on her radio, Drangt tells her he had just been in the 30th century and picked up some 30th century ordinance. Amelia laughs off his 30th century weaponry as she has 31st century ordinance and protection, then blasts Drangt's jar out of the air.

Amelia calls Abby on the radio to give her an update, and Abby sends Amelia on another mission.




This episode was recorded at Largo on October 1, 2011, and released on October 24th, 2011.