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Herr Doktor Vitas Brunholdt is a character in Jefferson Reid, Ace American. He is played by Craig Cackowski


Vitas Brunholdt is a Nazi mad scientist who performs most of his work in Castle Brunholdt, near Dusseldorf.  He once captured Brownie Finn and Abby Adams in order to lure Jefferson Reid to the castle to be captured and killed.  He had a henchman named Stephen who he was very fond of.  Brunholdt was able to turn Brownie Finn into a mindless ape-like monster with incredible strength.  However, Jefferson Reid was able to get Brownie to remember his true self with memories of America.  Brownie sacrificed himself to save Jefferson's life, and then Jefferson killed Brunholdt with the canon which Brunholdt planned to kill Jefferson with.

Brunholdt was later resurrected with the Faustus Machine, and used it to likewise resurrect Brownie in order to lure Jefferson Reid and Abby Adams back to Castle Brunholdt. Brunholdt was able to brainwash Brownie easier now that he was brought back from the dead, and the two became close pals. When Jefferson and Abby appeared, Brownie captured them and chained them up. Brunholdt planned on killing them with an upgraded canon, but his plans were foiled by Lucky Appleseed arriving, killing all his soldiers, and throwing Brunholdt's prize gun into the canon, destroying it. Brownie was able to overcome his brainwashing and was just about to kill Brunholdt when General Rex Flagwell arrived and gave Brunholdt an ultimatium: work for America or death. Brunholdt agreed to switch sides to avoid death.