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Vild Vild Vest is an episode of Amelia Earhart, Fearless Flyer.


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Abby radios Amelia to tell her the nazis are in 19th century America. Amelia heads to the Old West and meets up with her contact, AVC agent Billy the Kid. Billy says they're on a stealth op, so she needs to dress the part, and gives Amelia a dress to wear. Amelia objects, but wears the dress when she loses a coin toss. Billy attempts to get Amelia to leave her gun behind, but she refuses. They ride on Billy's horse together into town.

Amelia and Billy enter the saloon, which is run by a nazi pretending to be an old west barkeep. Billy orders a sarsaparilla with two straws, much to Amelia's annoyance. The barkeep says they are in Blitzkrieg, Texas, and asks if they're there to enjoy the nearby Hot Springs.

Amelia and Billy go to sit near the piano to talk, but the piano player is also a nazi. The sheriff then arrives, who is also a nazi, and her translator, Otto. Amelia says that Frau Grausamkeit will recognize her and attempts to hide, but argues with Billy about how to hide, refusing to kiss him to hide her face. Frau Grausamkeit recognizes Billy the Kid, and asks if he wants to be escorted out of town dead or alive. Billy draws and shoots in response, killing Heinrich and Klaus, as well as fatally injuring the translator. The Frau uses her whip to disarm Billy.

The Frau begins to speak English, and confesses that she learned how to speak English a long time ago, but pretended to not understand, as she enjoyed having Otto by her side. Otto and the Frau say goodbye, and Amelia shoots the whip out of the Frau's hand. The Frau explains that they will use this town to gather power in America, and within 3 generations their political power will cause America to lose World War 2.

Otto dies, which causes Amelia to think of a plan. Amelia says if the Frau gives her the coordinates of the time gate they used to come to the wild west, she and Otto will have never come here and he will live to unnecessarily translate another day. The Frau quickly gives Amelia the coordinates.

Billy wonders if he'll forget he ever met Amelia, and kisses her so she'll remember him. Billy leaves to take a bath in the hot springs as Amelia flies away.

Amelia reports in to Abby, and as says she's needed on another mission right away, to the year 1492 as German U-Boats are trying to sink the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria.




This episode was recorded at Largo on February 4, 2012 and released on May 14, 2012.