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V'stalu of the Galaxium is a character in Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars.  As he shares a consciousness with Croach the Tracker, he is also played by Mark Gagliardi.  

V'stalu is a cosmic being who believes in peace, love, beauty and no shoes. V'stalu possesses incredible abilities via The Force Galactic, the most powerful force in the universe.


Several months after Croach the Tracker was accidentally killed by Sparks Nevada and unable to be rejuvenated by his Nah Notek, V'stalu of the Galaxium brought Croach back to life in order to carry out a plan to save the universe.  

V'stalu of the Galaxium inhabited Croach's body and shared consciousness with him.  V'stalu guided Croach to find Sparks Nevada in order to reveal to Sparks that the universe would be destroyed by Cactoid Jim if Jim were elected President of Earth.  The normally pure of heart Jim would be corrupted by his quest for ultimate perfection. Within the first 100 days of his presidency, Jim would turn evil and cause the most singular Multisingularity ever to exist in the universe, causing everything in the universe to turn into nothing, the state of the most perfection any being can achieve.

After informing Sparks Nevada of the impending danger, V'stalu asked Sparks to kill Cactoid Jim before he could be elected.  Sparks was able to avoid killing Jim by convincing Jim to quit the presidential race and asking the people of Earth to vote for Chicky Sullivan, instead.

Evil Jim from the future was still able to come into the past and nearly thwarted the plan to save the universe, and was also able to send Sparks and The Red Plains Rider away temporarily.  V'stalu summoned the remaining greatest heros in the universe, including Pemily StallwarkMordecai Benmont Jiminy (the Barkeep) and Ultra-Admiral Miles Kaward.

As V'stalu was only allowed to observe and not act, the Barkeep requested that V'stalu transfer The Force Galactic to him, so he was able to defeat Evil Jim.  The Barkeep was successful, but without The Force Galactic, V'stalu of the Galaxium was soon consumed by Croach's powerful Nah Notek.