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One of Apex City's finest henchman, Tyler Foxworthy (John Ennis) has worked for just about every villain. In his youth, he was an Adventurekateer, the second one ever, monitoring the police scanner and activating the Adventurekateer Distress Signal, but at some point he grew up and turned to villainy. He doesn't seem to hold it too personally against Captain Laserbeam, though.

He works for cash, not any of that "reward of the spirit" stuff that the nont-in-it-for-the-money type villains sometimes try. He doesn't care about origin stories, either.

Tyler is slightly more savvy to the pitfalls of villainy than his employers, being the only one to ever forsee willpower-based feedback, and once nearly bested Captain Laserbeam by preemptively sending him to the Opposite Zone. When his current boss asked if that meant Tyler would be in charge, he refused, sticking instead to henching.

He sincerely likes some of his bosses, such as The Numbler and Mr. Octopus, but is indifferent or openly contemptful towards others, like the Shape Ape, though after retiring from henching becomes good friends with Shape Ape as well.

He is 5'11".

He always wanted to be a docent at a museum. 

In Try, Triangle Again, Tyler says he has retired from being a henchman, but still does some freelance work and plans to continue working in professional evil. 

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