Tinker Taylor

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Tinker Taylor (Zachary Levi) was formerly the Gadgeteer, formerly Smarthur, and formerly Arthur Taylor, the first Adventurekateer. While he was an Adventurekateer, he invented the Adventurekateer Distress Signal, Ear Pants, and the Cotton Gin Part 2. Millionaire playboy Joshua Valor spent a lot of money test marketing Ear Pants, but no one wanted them. Arthur threw a tantrum about it and quit, his enthusiam for being an Adventurekateer already dampened after losing a toe to frostbite when he had been kidnapped by the Ice Queen. He always took such pride in his toes. (What a weirdo.)

His lair is the Techno Treehouse. His deathtrap is the Captain Laser-Scream, which uses the technology of the Distress Signal to deafen Captain Laserbeam.

He is Captain Laserbeam's 30th most dangerous foe.


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