Thrilling Adventure Hour Wiki

The Thrilling Adventure Hour Treasury is the name used to refer to the re-launch of the podcast starting on October 29, 2018. Feedback was requested on the name change from fans on Twitter and the new name was announced on October 28, 2018.[1]

This re-launch involves two monthly episodes, one of them a brand new episode recorded in-studio at Forever Dog and the second a previously unreleased live episode. Both classic characters and segments are featured, along with new surprises. Many WorkJuice Players have returned to play their classic characters, and show also welcomes new actors, characters, segments, and writers.

As of this re-launch, the show's back catalog of episodes is mostly available only through Patreon.

For the purposes of this wiki, The Thrilling Adventure Hour or the abbreviation TAH are used as umbrella terms to refer to all incarnations of the podcast and stage show.

Treasury Chapters

Released the last Monday of each month, Treasury chapters consist of three segments interspersed with ad (usually read by Dan Bucatino). The segments are newly recorded studio episodes produced by Forever Dog. For the purposes of this wiki the episodes are numbered using "TC" to indicate Treasury chapter.

From the Vault

From the Vault episodes are released the second Monday of each month and consist of previously unreleased content from The Thrilling Adventure Hour. For the purpose of this wiki these episodes are numbered using "FTV" to indicate From the Vault.