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The Thrilling Adventure Hour April Fools' Fun-Around part 2 is a special episode of The Adventures of Captain Laserbeam that is part of the April Fools' Fun-Around show.



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The main thrust of the plot of this episode was the script for Poetic Injustice (TAH #49), and a full summary may be found on that page.

This story was told within the wraparound setting of K of the Cosmos deciding to use his fun and whimsy to vex his favorite patsies, the beef-brained skinbags of the reality known as the Thrilling Adventure Hour. As the show progressed, K picked the names of the actors out of a hat as each character appeared and that actor then played that part for the duration of the episode. Later in the episode K began assigning multiple actors to each role and requiring Marc Evan Jackson to read every character on a single page.


  • This episode was performed at Largo in celebration of the non-governmentally sanctioned holiday of April Fools. None of the actors other than, presumably, Paul F. Tompkins knew ahead of time what part they would be playing throughout the evening.
  • During his introduction, K states that "everyone within the sound of my voice is part of this continuity."
  • K also states "take that, wiki-smiths", thus vexing your faithful TAH wiki editors and possibly making this very wiki a part of Thrilling Adventure Hour canon.
  • Also vexing is the sheer number of people to play each character, thus a deviation from our normal actor / character listing above. Instead of listing the actor for each character, we have listed each character the actor plays.
  • This also marks the first and only time one of The Bens has played a character in The Thrilling Adventure Hour.
  • While John Hodgman is playing Patrick, Craig Cackowski reminds Hodgman of Ben Acker's stage direction to Cackowski for Patrick: fatter. While playing Laserbeam, Cackowski congratulates Patrick on overcoming his asthma, "usually an integral part of your character."
  • The episode also contains two clinks from Beyond Belief, and two of Sparks Nevada's gunshots. Jackson, apparently as Sparks Nevada for a split second, cautions the rest of the cast to "Tell No-One".



This episode was recorded at Largo on April 1, 2015 and released on June 8, 2015.