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The Secreted City of Rococoo is a location on Mars in the Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars universe. 


The Secreted City of Rococoo is the home to a tribe of peaceful gray-skinned Martians. It is a hidden city that can be moved when necessary to keep its location secret. Rococoo is ruled by Dale Treamain, the second Marshal on Mars who served before Sparks NevadaThe Red Plains Rider has also spent time in the City. In Red Alert, Sparks, Mercy Laredo, and Croach the Tracker located the City while tracking Red's location in order to collect a bounty on her head.

In the resulting showdown, Croach attempted to protect Mercy from being shot by Sparks, and was killed as a result of the breakdown of his Nah Nohtek due to his frequent drinking. After Croach's death, Dale allowed Sparks and Red to stay in the City for two months to mourn and hide from bounty hunters.