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The Search for Marnie Bennett part 3 is an episode of Tales from the Black Lagoon.


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After a brief summary of the story so far, you are encouraged to puff a Patriot Brand Cigarette as the story reaches its conclusion.

We join Jay Silverheels and Jimmy Stewart in Silverheels' car, it turns Stewart needs to get some pie, and they're planning to meet up with Alfred Hitchcock's "General" - Frank Nelson. The General is known for cleaning up Hollywood's seedier scandals.

Just as Nelson is about to lay down his plan for cleaning out the Brotherhood, Cary Grant shows up, with the Brotherhood in tow. Harpo Marx has Marnie Bennett in his clutches. She's pretty doped up, and Cary Grant is going to take on our heroes, and after the fight, Bennett gets eaten.

And that's not the worst of it. Clayton Moore has sold out Silverheels and Stewart, after Hitchcock shared his plans with Moore.

Or, Hitchcock planned this all from the beginning.

Every patron in the restaurant turn out to be the Foley Artists, instructed to fight the Brotherhood of the Papyrus. Stewart and Silverheels punches Clayton Moore out of the way and then chase Grant, Marx, and Bennett out of the restaurant.

Stewart and Grant fight it out, and Marx draws a gun on Silverheels when he attempts to rescue Bennett. The gun is a Luger, a gift from the Führer. Many of the Brotherhood is actually comprised of Nazi supporters (and he also suggested that Hitler had faked his death) but Silverheels interrupts him.

And our hero, Ben Chapman, knocks him out cold with a baseball.

Turns out Jay Silverheels called him as soon as he arrived at the restaurant.

Ben Chapman and Marnie Bennett decide to blow off the mystery of the Brotherhood of the Papyrus and hoof it to Hawaii.

The Brotherhood is beaten back by the Foley Artists, and Jimmy Stewart takes out Cary Grant in eight rounds.

Jay Silverheels concludes his account, not really caring who's listening. He only care that Ben Chapman is his friend once more.



This episode was recorded and engineered in studio by Eban Schletter. It was released on December 7, 2011.