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The Search for Marnie Bennett part 2 is an episode of Tales from the Black Lagoon.


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Jay Silverheels reiterates that Silverheels needs to mend his friendship with Ben Chapman, and he plans to do this by rescuing Marnie Bennett, Ben's girlfriend who has gotten into trouble. Jay Silverheels then explains how he got mixed in with Jimmy Stewart's quest to take down the Brotherhood of the Papyrus.

But this is convenient, because Bennett has been taken by the Brotherhood.

Jimmy recounts how he and Marnie Bennett tracked the Brotherhood down to Musso & Frank's (a restaurant in Hollywood). There, they met Cary Grant (voiced by Paul F. Tompkins), who is incredibly complimentary and threatening. He invites the pair to eat, only Bennett does.

It turns out there is considerable bad blood between Stewart and Grant, the last time they met, it ended in a fight with Stewart coming out on top. Grant invites Harpo Marx over, and Jimmy Stewart decides to behave.

At the end of the meal, Grant brings up Otis Hunter - a stuntman who once worked on Strangers on a Train.

They reminisce about him fondly, and Grant finishes with "...and he was delicious. Wouldn't you agree?"

Bennett is shocked to discover an epicurean club, but mainly interested in cannibalism.

He then threatens that Bennett will end up on the menu if she doesn't stop her investigations. They "scram," and Stewart rants about "Archie," and Bennett is even more determined to take down the Brotherhood.

Silverheels now makes sense of her last entry in her journal. Stewart things Bennett is alive, so Silverheels says okay to trying to save her.


  • Jimmy Stewart refers to Cary Grant as "Archibald," and "Archie" which is Grant's real name; Archibald Alexander Leach. He changed his name to Cary Grant because he felt the initials "C" and "G" evoked the 'greats,' Clark Gable and Gary Cooper.
  • Episode commentary by Ben Acker.



This episode was recorded and engineered in studio by Eban Schletter. It was released on October 6, 2011.