The Search for Marnie Bennett part 1

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The Search for Marnie Bennett part 1 is an episode of Tales from the Black Lagoon.


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Jay Silverheels, otherwise known as Tonto, opens up with an "Is this on?" before he begins "The Search for Marnie Bennett" by acknowledging his wrongdoings against Ben Chapman, his friend and "brother."

Determined to make Chapman forgive him, Silverheels waits outside his apartment door for Chapman to come home. While he waits, Shirley Temple arrives, singing "On the Good Ship Lollipop" and then she greets Silverheels with an offensive "How."

Silverheels notes that Temple runs the biggest dope ring in town. Jimmy Stewart is sacked out at her place, and he owes her money. The only hint for money she has to go on is the address written down in his book- this turns out to be Ben Chapman's address.

Turns out, it's Marnie's book.

Silverheels promises to pick up Jimmy Stewart, and Temple agrees and departs.

Jay Silverheels begins to read Marnie's book and realizes that she's in trouble, and Silverheels, looking for redemption, decides to save her.

He gets Stewart and upon his arrival, Jimmy Stewart begs Jay Silverheels to play along with him, they make like Jimmy owes Jay money. Stewart calls Silverheels "Geronimo" and uses insensitive Native American stereotypes to get a rise out of Silverheels, but he's practically orchestrating the whole thing. Silverheels drags Stewart to his car. Turns out Jimmy set this trap for Silverheels, and that he wants his help to take down the Brotherhood of the Papyrus.



This episode was recorded and engineered in studio by Eban Schletter.


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