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Justice rides a rocket steed across the crimson plains of the fourth planet, where one woman rights the wrongs that slip through the cracks of traditional law enforcement. She rides the red plains of Mars.  She is The Red Plains Rider.

The Red Plains Rider segment is part of the Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars extended universe. Like other Sparks Nevada Universe segments, The Red Plains Rider Segment focuses on other events that happen within the Sparks Nevada universe but usually do not directly involve Sparks Nevada, or he is not the primary figure in the circumstances.

The Red Plains Rider is a central character of Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars.

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Theme Song Lyrics

The Red Plains Rider's theme was written by Ben AckerBen Blacker and Andy Paley.

Red as the sun
Her home is the hot desert sands
With her horse and her guns
She's searching the stars for her man
If ever she seeks your hide
She won't rest until you die 
The wind dares to whisper her name!
The Red Plains Rider!
The Red Plains Rider!
The Red Plains Rider!