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The Night Kaiser was a powerful and old vampire that was killed by Charlie and Viv when they dropped the crate that he was in and stomped on him. He was the Sire of around 140 vampires, including Alasord and Agonia.

Descriptions of The Night Kaiser's Appearance

  • If an unbaked croissant was a guy
  • If month-old cream cheese was a guy
  • A guy from out of a black and white movie (not a specific guy) with food poisoning who hadn’t been outside in a long time
  • No colour to him
  • Pale for a pale guy
  • If wasps really liked a guy and made a sculpture of him out of their nest material
  • If a paper mache of a guy got left out in the rain and then dried up again

Alternate Names

  • The Bedtime Evil
  • Friend the Angst
  • Shoebottom Joe