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The Marshal Station in Flood at First Sight

The Marshal Station is the workplace of Sparks Nevada and the main outpost of law on Mars in Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars

Sparks Nevada does not live in the Marshal Station.

Although the Marshal Station is normally located in the main human town, if necessary it can be moved. It is a level 9 battle ready spaceship which can take to orbit or plant itself anywhere on Mars that needs protection. It can also move to nearby locations such as a moon of Mars, or even go to Earth.

There is space to park outside the Marshal Station, both for rocket steeds and small spacecraft.  Parking spacecraft in the blue zone is strictly prohibited, and  will be met with a citation.

Known Marshal Station Amenities

  • An Artificial Intelligence which controls the interior gravity, oxygen, monitors the conditions outside the station, communicates with other nearby AI's, communicates with satellites and spaceships, opens both the station doors and the jail doors, and many other functions.
  • A PA system that broadcasts to many or all of the human citizens of Mars if necessary.
  • Stables for housing Mercury and other rocket steeds, horses, hoversaddes etc.
  • An Artillery Room and gun safe.
  • A set of five robot exo-suits which join together to form one big robot, which is just the thing to fight off galactic threats, but requires five people to operate. It is stored in a hangar underneath the stables.
  • Protective shields
  • External guns for protection
  • A jail to house outlaws and can even contain robots.