The Hobo Way is a specific methodology, allegedly unique to Hobo-kind (often "no different from the Regular-Person Way") in Down in Moonshine Holler. As Banjo Bindlestuff's mentor, much of Gummy's instruction pertains to the tenets of the Hobo Way.  

Things Described as The Hobo WayEdit

  • Never using money to buy your way out of a problem, but thinking of a different solution.
  • Fanciful Exaggeration
  • Rolling when you land after jumping out of a moving boxcar
  • Sticking your head outside a window to figure out what's going on
  • Saying "wuzza?" instead of "curious"
  • Going to talk to someone if you're not sure who they are
  • Letting someone ask a question they wish to ask
  • A special knock, which lets other hobos know they are hobos and not marks
  • Believing in Santa Claus
  • Shivving
  • Clarifying your revelations
  • Not getting a swelled head
  • Giving inspiring rallying speeches
  • When a person cannot help but help others in need
  • Allowing things

Hobo Law & PracticesEdit

  • Hobos who have been riding the rails longer have seniority.
  • When jumping into a boxcar which is already occupied, first request permission and offer food to share.
  • Hobos are encouraged to lie to rubes, but for lying to other hobos you get the shiv.

Hobo WisdomEdit

  • It ain't what you put in your bindle, it's how it affixes to your stick.
  • A hobo thinks with his brain, then his heart.
  • The only home a hobo has is the ones on his feet.