The Galaxium

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The Galaxium is a race of immortal beings in Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars.


The origins of The Galaxium are unknown. The Galaxium claims to be the oldest and most advanced entities in the cosmos. They live on the edges of what we know as reality, but they call The Tommy Westphall Universe. They wield The Force Galactic, but the exact relationship between the Galaxium and the Force Galactic is unknown.

For countless eons, they, or perhaps just S'tonge, have observed our worlds and transcribed the events in their Cosmic Book using the Pen Cosmic. According to V'stalu, they are not supposed to intervene in history, but if circumstances force their hands, to save the universe, they might orchestrate a situation where a mortal could save the universe, and tell them how to do so.

S'tonge claims that his is a lonely life, as he has the power to create a companion, but even so, once she learned how he created him, she would just leave him.

The Galaxium sometimes hire mortals to act as their agents in the universe. These mortals also use the title "of the Galaxium" and are granted a small portion of The Force Galactic to assist them with their duties.

Physiology and Properties

  • Most likely all members of The Galaxium can and do wield The Force Galactic.
  • They are able to transfer part or all of their share of The Force Galactic to others, including mortals.
  • Members of The Galaxium either do not normally possess physical form or are at least able to transfer their consciousness into other physical forms. V'stalu transferred his consciousness into Croach the Tracker, while S'tonge had a physical form to interact with the mortals on Mars during the Welcome to NIght Vale Crossover.
  • A member of The Galaxium's consciousness is vulnerable to death while inhabiting another's body. V'stalu was killed by Croach's Nah Nohtek.
  • The Galaxium member can transfer some portion of The Force Galactic to another being.
  • The Galaxium are omniscient. This seems to be a property of being a member of The Galaxium, and not coming from The Force Galactic, as The Barkeep claims that he did not possess omniscience, just omnipotence.

Members of The Galaxium

  • V'stalu
  • S'tonge
  • An unnamed member of the Galaxium was saved from choking to death by Ezra Seldom in an alternate universe and bestowed a portion of Force Galactic on him.

Agents of The Galaxium

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