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The Full Christmas Episode from December 2011 is an special episode of The Thrilling Adventure Hour. The episode contains three stories, as well as wraparound segments from Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars.


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The episode opens with Paul and Storm singing Christmas on Mars.  As normal with Thrilling Adventure Hour Specials, there are several segments in between one wraparound story. In line with Christmas specials, the wraparounds are done in the Sparks Nevada universe.

Sparks Nevada Wraparound Part One

Newly elected Mayor of Mars Cactoid Jim welcomes everyone to his and The Red Plains Rider's Christmas Party.  He introduces the Barkeep, there to both attend the party and to tend bar.  They explain how the Space Saloon grew arms and legs and left Mars.  Jim notes that he won the mayorhood by a landslide - it was unanimous.  Jim is excited at the fun and games he has planned, while the Barkeep just hopes the party doesn't grow legs and leave him.

Sparks Nevada arrives, to Jim's surprise.  Sparks says that even though Rebecca Rose Rushmore broke up with him, Croach the Tracker left him after fulfilling his onus, and he was shot by Techs and lost his job, he isn't sad.  He says that Red sent a note that said Cactoid Jim was going to reinstate him as marshal now that Jim is mayor.  Red admits she sent the note, even though it was a lie, to get him to come to the party.  She says the ends justified the means, which is the true meaning of Christmas. Jim says he's not reinstating Sparks, causing Sparks to start to drink heavily with the Barkeep, who reminds Sparks that he's Space-Jewish.

Jim says he's hooked up a radio so that everyone can gather around the radio and listen to old-timey radio plays, which Sparks claims are boring. 

Captain Laserbeam - The Fight Before Christmas

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Sparks Nevada Wraparound Part Two

At the end of the Captain Laserbeam episode, the "radio" plays a commercial for Patriot Brand Cigarettes, which suggests Santa might enjoy a pack more than milk and cookies.  Cactoid Jim says that he loves Patriot Brand Cigarettes as a part of the Christmas Special commercial.

The doorbell rings, and a very inebriated Sparks Nevada answers the door.  Rebecca Rose Rushmore enters, giving everyone advanced copies of the book she wrote about her time on Mars and relationship with Sparks,  "We're from Earth: a Tale of Star-Crossing Lovers"

Cactoid Jim suggests that they play a game of randomly opening a page of the book and reading what they see.  Red tries three times to read a passage and every time the passage insults Sparks.  Jim suggests the Barkeep devise a system in his head to keep score and pick someone to go first so it's an actual game.  Barkeep says Sparks goes first, but Sparks instead suggests they listen to another radio play.

Amelia Earhart, Fearless Flyer - Fab Chanukkah

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Sparks Nevada Wraparound Part Three

The doorbell rings again, and despite Red warning Jim that it might not be a good idea to open the door, as she realizes the person behind the door is Techs.  Eventually Sparks opens the door, and Sparks taunts Techs by imitating him.  Techs mentions how he's still aiming to figuratively kill Sparks by continuing to be a better marshal than him.

Techs mentions that he's planning on calling Sparks out again. The Barkeep advises against it, Rebecca is all for it, and Sparks says he'll think about it while they listen to the next radio show.

Beyond Belief - Bah, Murderbug

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Sparks Nevada Wraparound Part Four

Cactoid Jim hopes everyone learned something from the story, while Sparks and the Barkeep say that they liked the part about the drinking, and that they're both still drunk.

Techs tries to call Sparks out again, but Red tells them they have to take any showdowns outside. Techs says he wasn't calling Sparks out for a showdown. Rebecca is disappointed and says she's still angry about her breakup with Sparks, who argues that they're even since she wrote an entire book about his "emotional unavailability". She disagrees.

Sparks tells Jim he doesn't want to showdown, as he didn't even bring a gun. Techs says he's calling Sparks out to have a Merry Christmas, and everyone tells him that doesn't make any sense. He argues it does, but says he's new to sentience so he doesn't understand everything. He's adding metaphorical injury to insult by taking the high road. They'll settle their differences after the holidays.

Rebecca asks if there's any more Christmas on Mars traditions they need to enact, and the episode ends as presumably Sparks and the Barkeep read the credits for the night's show.


This is the 98th episode of The Thrilling Adventure Hour.


This episode was recorded at Largo on December 3rd, 2011 and released on December 3rd, 2012.