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The Fishwife (Gillian Jacobs and Annie Savage) commits underwater matrimonial shenanigans and mayhem. Her real name is Vanessa (surname unknown) and was raised by her uncle. Her eyes are blue.

She was once a scientist studying fish biochemicals, but an accidental explosion caused her to give off an irresistible amount of pheromones, thus leaving other people smell struck. All she wants to do is science; specifically, curing nose blindness..

She stole (or liberated, depending on who you ask) all the sea creatures from the Apex City Aquarium with her new husband, Mr. Octopus, whom she married on the back of her getaway boat-plane. She didn't take his name when they married, which he's.. totally cool with. They planned to invade Coastopolis together.

She used to be married to Old Man Baby.

Her lair is The Encampment Under the Sea. She uses sea-borgs as assistants, but they aren't supposed to go on land. Her deathtrap is Davy Jones' Lockup, which closes in on you with impenetrable walls.

She teamed up with Phillip Fathom for a while, but recently overlapped with the Shape Ape and the Town Cryer, resulting in more marriages and broken hearts. She and Phillip Fathom have returned to their more adversarial relationship, leaving their romantic one behind.