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The First Family is the superhero team created when the President of the United States and his family got kidnapped to the Opposite Zone and gained radiant powers.


  • Professor President (Dan Lauria) - Has the power to shrink and grow at will. Professor President is currently running for his sixth concecutive term in office. He once turned evil, and only felons voted for him, but his wife's love turned him good again. He was on the superhero team The Good Guys before it disbanded. All in all, he seems like a reasonable kind fellow.
  • FLOTUS (Wendy Malick) - Can control an electrical field. FLOTUS loves her family dearly, but can be a bit overbearing--and vengeful, should they be threatened.
  • Little Jackie (Danica McKellar) - Has atomic powers, including the ability to atomize objects and a precognitive sense of worry. Teenager Little Jackie bristles against her overbearing family, but loves them despite her petulence. Like her brother, she has a GPS chip installed.
  • Steve-Steve (Mark Gagliardi) - A ten-year-old super-genius trapped in the body of a baby, with a brain more than twice the mass of the rest of his body. Steve-Steve hopes to one day figure out how to undo his arrested development and grow into a normal body