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Probably due to drinking heavily, the Doyles regularly do not know what time or day (or, occasionally, month) it is.

  • In Hell Is the Loneliest Number, Sadie asks Carter how they can help him "on this fine Wednesday afternoon", to which he responds that it's Friday morning
  • In Wishing Hell, Sadie asks Frank if his bad dream is as frightening in "the cold light of whatever time of day it currently is" as it had been when he first woke (according to Spooky Hal's introduction, it's the afternoon).
  • The Doyles celebrate New Years Ever at the beginning of The Devil and Mr Jones when it is, in fact, March (their anniversary).
  • Donna is surprised that the Doyles are getting a liquor delivery at 3am, to which Frank responds "at whatever time this is!" (Vampire Weekend)