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The Die-brarian is a villain in The Adventures of Captain Laserbeam. He is played by Keegan-Michael Key, though in pre-podcast canon he was also played by Samm Levine.

The Die-Brarian is known for terrible puns related to books. His primary henchman is Papercut but Late Fee has been known to help out.

In Paperback Fighter!, Laserbeam states that the Die-brarian is his 4th most-dangerous foe.

In Book, Line, and Sinker!, Laserbeam called Die-brarian his worst foe.

In the Die-brarian's second appearance in Book, Line, and Sinker!, Captain Laserbeam realizes that Papercut has fooled his boss into merely doing charity work and donating books to schools and libraries. Laserbeam is forced to freeze Phillip Fathom and drag him away to keep him from disrupting the Die-brarian's scheme.

The Die-Brarian's lair is known as the Card Catacombs and he uses his Terrible Tableau-ray to fight heroes.