The Chronopatrol Universe

Please note that "The Chronopatrol Universe" is not an official designation; it is just a convenient way to refer to the middle segments that have several characters in common. These segments include:

Characters appearing in both Jefferson Reid, Ace American and Amelia Earhart, Fearless Flyer

Characters appearing in Colonel Tick Tock , Amelia Earhart, and The Algonquin Four

In addition, both Colonel Tick Tock and Amelia Earhart refer to the technology that allows them to travel through time as Chronotechnology, and when they travel, they refer to it as "Opening up a time hole".

K of the Cosmos, who appeared in Sparks Nevada's "I'm from Earth" Day Special has also appeared in The Algonquin Four and The Cross-Time Adventures of Colonel Tick-Tock, although this does not definitely prove that the Sparks Nevada universe is entwined with the Chronopatrol Universe, as K is an all-powerful being and can move in between universes.  He has also claimed to live sixty infinities, and so Sparks Nevada's universe could be in a different infinity as the Chronopatrol universe.

Finally, in the episode From Time to Time, Colonel Tick-Tock and Amelia Earhart met and did battle with each other and then K of the Cosmos. The entire episode took place in the Captain Laserbeam and Phillip Fathom universe, as confirmed by Phillip Fathom in the episode. K of the Cosmos brought Tick-Tock, Trick Clock, Amelia Earhart and Dorothy Parker to the Laserbeam universe, then opened up Time Holes that allowed them to go back to their own. Adventurekateer Patrick has now crossed over from his original universe into the Chronopatrol universe to become Tick-Tock's newest compatriot.

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