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The Cadillac of Beans is the first episode of Down in Moonshine Holler.


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Banjo and Gummy hop a westbound train to find the Hobo Princess.  The train screeches to a sudden halt, and Gummy looks outside and thinks that the Hobo Dracula is collecting tolls up ahead, but Banjo reminds Gummy there's no such thing.  They spy a hobo woman with a regal hairline warming herself at a nearby fire, and Banjo wonders if she is the Hobo Princess.  

Banjo and Gummy talk to the woman and her father, who are not actually hobos, but residents of the town they are in who are "between domiciles".  Rominy and her father explain that the entire town has fallen under the thumb of Mr. Moneymaven and many people are out of their homes.  Mrs. Fairchild  was killed by cholera, and now Mr. Fairchild is also dying of cholera. Moneymaven arrives, demanding money for the rent on the Fairchild's house and the lease for Mr. Fairchild's kidney bean factory.  Moneymaven offers respite for the family if Rominy becomes his wife, which Rominy refuses.

Banjo waxes that he has the money to rescue the Fairchilds, but to do so would prove him unworthy of the Hobo Princess. He then realizes that Rominy's mother was from Russia, and suggests that Rominy is Anastasia Romanov, the daughter of the slaughtered Czar Nicholas II.  Mr. Fairchild says that Rominy is his stepdaughter, and remembers a piece of paper her mother gave them before she died.  Banjo examines the paper and confirms Rominy's heritage.  She declares she will repay her rent, the lease and everyone in the town's rents.

Rominy kisses Banjo's cheek and suggests they could live happily ever after, but Banjo leaves with Gummy in order to find the Hobo Princess.




This episode was recorded on October 2, 2010 at Largo at the Coronet and released on March 27, 2011.