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For the fictional comedy duo who hosted the Thrilling Adventure Hour during its days at M Bar, see Acker & Blacker.
Ben Acker & Ben Blacker
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Ben Acker & Ben Blacker are the co-creators of the Thrilling Adventure Hour. The show was created in March 2005 as a way for Acker & Blacker to create new content for an audience on a regular basis and to showcase the performance skills of their friends and colleagues. They could not be more pleased with the response the show has received from its loyal fans and from the public at large. The Los Angeles Times wrote of the show: "Video may have killed the radio star, but its spirit lives on in... a monthly comedy revue featuring actors in snappy outfits reading equally snappy dialogue."

The show has provided Acker & Blacker with exciting opportunities in entertainment. They have sold several sketches to Fox late night television, developed the segment Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars as an animated cartoon for Nickelodeon, and created a pilot for a primetime animated comedy with 20th Century Fox Studios. In 2010 they wrote two pilots (one one-hour, and one half-hour) for the USA network and a half-hour comedy for Spike. Acker & Blacker have worked on the writing staffs of Nickelodeon's Supah Ninjas and CW's Supernatural.

Acker & Blacker wrote the 2010 independent sci-fi office comedy Drones, directed by Amber Benson and Adam Busch, which feature many WorkJuice Players.

A list of other writers who have contributed to the Thrilling Adventure Hour can be found on the Guest Writers page.

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