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The Captain Laserbeam title banner from the Original Graphic Novel.

Look! In the distance! Above the horizon!

Is that a lightning bolt?


Is it some sort of shooting star or comet?




Assisted by his ragtag group of excitable Adventurekateers and armed with his array of 100 lasers, Captain Laserbeam defends legendary Apex City from vile villains--such as the Numbler, the Die-brarian, and Shape Ape--while occasionally joining forces with fellow heroes like Phillip Fathom, Deep Sea Detective and Dream Girl, and generally trying to ignore the dismal state of his love life.

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Theme Song

Captain Laserbeam's theme was written by Ben AckerBen Blacker and Andy Paley.


Who's that? Flying at the speed of light?
Who's that? Full of might and out of sight?
When Apex City's cursed by crime, 
He's on the scene in laser time!
Captain Laserbeam x 2
Who's that, lighting up the night?
Na-na-na Na-na-na-na
Who's that, fighting wrongs until they're right?
Na-na-na Na-na-na-na
Boss of everything that's just
Honesty, liberty, truth and trust!
Captain Laserbeam x 2
Who's that? Champion of the Sky?
(Lasers shoot from his hands and his eyes)
Who's that? Saving lives a mile high?
(Man of truth in a world of lies)
Conquering everybody's fears
With the help of the Adventurekateers!
Captain Laserbeam x 9

Ted Leo Cover

In connection with the show's appearance at San Diego Comic-Con in 2013, a cover of the Captain Laserbeam theme song by Ted Leo was released at TAH #125.1.


The Bens wrote an introduction that was meant to go before the theme song, but it did not make it into the show as it has been podcasted.[1] It went as follows:

Joshua Valor, industry tycoon and playboy millionaire philanthropist could stomach the rampant crime in his beloved Apex City no longer. Using moneys to pay for technologies just beyond the understandings of top scientific minds, he became Captain Laserbeam, guardian of the decent; Captain Laserbeam, champion of the masses and the few; Captain Laserbeam, sworn protector of Apex City, and the worst nightmare of your worst nightmares. Evildoers, monsters, natural disasters: Beware!
Captain Laserbeam! Who can burn a hole through a mountain range… with his laserbeams!
Captain Laserbeam! Who can fly hundreds of feet into the air… with his laserpack!
Captain Laserbeam! Who can travels miles between ticks on a clock… due to advanced laserbeam-based technologies!