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Tetley Archibald Drake is a character in The Cross-Time Adventures of Colonel Tick-Tock. He is played by Michael Sheen.


Tetley is one of Colonel Tick-Tock's "confederates," an associate the Colonel plucked out of his there-and-then to travel through time with him until they're changed and returned to when they belong. The Colonel loves Tetley third most of all.

In Confederates, a grown-up Tetley kidnaps and disappears all of the other confederates he can find as part of a scheme to become the Colonel's first confederate and get his childhood back. In order to undo Tetley's scheme and return the other confederates to their own times, the Colonel has Trick Clock send Tetley back to his own time without any memory of having met Tick-Tock.



  • In an unreleased version of Confederates performed at Town Hall in New York City, Tetley was played by Scott Adsit.