Technos the Advanced

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Technos the Advanced is a character in Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars.  She is played by Sarah Thyre.  In Do the Fight Thing, she is voiced by Annie Savage, through the Saloon Doors.


In She Blinded Me with Technology, Technos, a Technology Being, creates the technology of making animals talk.  With her animal talking device turned on, for a few months, all animals on Mars were sentient and could speak.  

She also possesses Technologobots, robots made of technology, which are exceedingly slow moving and don't have very much personality.  Their hands turn into buzzsaws, but are easily defeated. 

Sparks forces her to turn off the Animal Talking device, and she flees as her Technologobots are defeated.

Later, in War of the World, Technos drills on Mars for fuel for her Mecha Technology bot.  Despite being told to shut down by Sparks Nevada, along with Croach and Rebecca Rose Rushmore, she does not and later shows up to threaten them and Doctor Scientist.  She attempts to shoot Rebecca, but Croach saves her life.  She then agrees with Doctor Scientist to stage the Star War between their two peoples at Mars, instead of making Mars itself the means of destruction.

In Do the Fight Thing, Technos takes over the Saloon Doors AI and places a stasis field around the saloon, trapping the Barkeep, the Red Plains Rider, Rebecca Rose Rushmore and Sparks Nevada inside.


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