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TAH Panel from WonderCon is a special panel episode of Thrilling Adventure Hour.


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  • When is the Beyond Belief TV show coming out?
  • How is Frank Doyle on date nights?
  • The show has been blowing up lately - do you think that's because of all the people who are desperate to see it since it's going away, or is it finally getting the respect it deserves?
  • With the introduction of the Sparks and Beyond Belief comics, have you considered doing something along the lines of a motion comic for some of the issues?
  • Out of all of the different segments, are there any that either of you (Acker or Blacker) feel more of an ownership over?
  • Were there guest stars who requested to be part of the final show?
  • Do you have any plans for miniseries of side characters or offshoots from the Sparks Nevada comics?

Note: At this point, listen for a very wise gentleman who says "Wow, they really tore suspense a new one!"

  • With TAH going away, is anyone going to fill the power vacuum?
  • What would you have done differently with the beginning of the show?
  • Can the three of you sing the Sparks Nevada theme song with us?
  • Are there any characters from the segments that will not get closure?
  • Would you ever consider doing a Thrilling Adventure Hour puppet movie?
  • Hal - what's been your favorite character to perform, or your favorite episode? Bens - what has been your favorite character or episode to write?
  • Which came first - the form of old time radio or the content of the characters and the situations?
  • Hal - how did you get started doing voice acting?
  • Are there any plot lines that you wish you hadn't done?
  • What was it like trying to find voices for all of your characters?
  • How is it to work with the writers of Welcome to Night Vale?
  • What's different about the live show that doesn't come through in the podcasts?




This episode was recorded at WonderCon on April 4, 2015 and released on April 27, 2015.