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TAH Panel From New York Comic Con 2014 is a panel episode of the Thrilling Adventure Hour.


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Announcements from the Bens

  • April 11, 2015 will be the last monthly show at Largo at the Coronet in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, America.
  • The Thrilling Adventure Hour will be on tour in early 2015; they'll return to cities where they've previously performed, but also visit new places!
  • Image Comics will release Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars and Beyond Belief monthly comics beginning in February 2015, but issue #0 for Sparks and Beyond Belief are available NOW! You can get the origin stories here !
  • "Books on tape" versions of the comics will be released as podcasts.
  • A 30 minute Beyond Belief television pilot is in production, with Peter Atencio as director and John Rogers as producer.
  • Nerdist will host more online video content, including Sparks Nevada episodes - maybe even with a custom built Space Saloon.
  • There will be more behind the scenes videos, similar to "Previously on Sparks Nevada".
  • Paget Brewster will read lists as Sadie Doyle. You can submit your requests to
  • Andy Paley and company are working on a Thrilling Adventure Hour soundtrack.
  • The concert film DVD should be available to Kickstarter backers by late December, 2014.


  1. (from Ben Blacker) What are some of your favorite memories after almost 10 years of doing the show?
  2. What character voices have changed the most from inception to the final voice?
  3. Do any of the cast have any Acker or Blacker impressions?
  4. What is your inspiration for each character's voice?
  5. When is ThrillCon?
  6. Has anyone realized, mid-show, that a character's voice isn't right and changed it?
  7. What's your favorite interaction with a cast member during a show?
  8. What's your favorite plot twist?




This episode was recorded at New York Comic Con on October 12, 2014 and released on October 13, 2014.