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Superintendent Teddy Hammler is a character in Tales of the United Solar System Alliance, a part of the Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars universe.  He is played by Keegan-Michael Key


Teddy Hammler attended USSA Space Academy with Gene Peeples. During this time he was was unpopular and was hazed.  Gene Peeples admits that he regrets what he and the other cadets did to Teddy in those times.

Hammler went on to become the superintendent of the Academy.  He is a stickler for the rules and protocol.  

Hammler is suspicious of Academy Cadet Pemily Stallwark, and would like to see her expelled.  He hints strongly to Gene, who is a new instructor at the academy, that he would like Gene to order Joyce Alvarez and the other cadets to enact a "Code Red" on Pemily.

On the same day, a Reptiform embassador is visiting the Academy.  When there is an explosion, he blames the act of terror on Pemily, while Gene is convinced it was the Ambassador, who he recognizes from a previous encounter.  When Gene is right, Hammler offers an apology and invites Gene to Christmas dinner with his wife, Gerta.