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Superego is an improvised podcast and live show originally created by American comedians Jeremy Carter and Matt Gourley. In July 2014 it was announced that Paul F. Tompkins, who had been a frequent guest star in previous seasons, would be joining Carter, Gourley, and Mark McConville as the fourth full-fledged member for the launch of the podcast's fourth season.[1] Other Thrilling Adventure Hour guest actors who have appeared with Superego include Andy Daly, John Hodgman, Colin Hanks, Gillian Jacobs, and Thomas Lennon.


War of Two Worlds

Superego was a critical part of the War of Two Worlds segment, which was written by Ben Acker and Ben Blacker but also improvised by Superego and the WorkJuice Players. The segments were edited by Matt Gourley and Mark McConville and published on both podcasts' streams.

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