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Succubi and Incubi feed on the "frisky energy" of women and men, leaving dried husks in their wake.[1] They can subsist purely on this energy, avoiding food and even liquor. However, if they choose not to live on energy this way, they can live on a diet of food (although this flies in the face of inccubi and succubi tradition).

If they receive true love's kiss on Valentine's day (a special day in their calendar) they can become human/mortal.[2]

According to vampire law, succubi are forbidden to have romantic relationship with vampires.[3]

Strengths and Weaknesses

Succubi and Incubi need to feed in order to live. If they go more than a week or so without feeding they will shrivel and die.[1] When sucking the love out of people, extreme cases of love can cause them to explode.[2]

Succubi and Incubi can make people fall in love with them, and in doing so the human will fall entirely under their control. They can change their charm to effect a specific gender or person more than others, but it takes skill.[1]

Like vampires, they can float/fly.

Notable Succubi and Inccubi