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Stacy Buckets is a hobo in Down in Moonshine Holler. She is played by Erinn Hayes.


Gummy claims that his sworn enemy, the Hobo Dracula, bit and drained the blood from Stacy Buckets, but Banjo reminds him that, according to Colonel Patchy Pants, Stacy Buckets sneezed herself to death outside a pepper factory.

Stacy is on the southbound train that Gummy and Banjo hop onto in Nativity Ploy.  She says that the story of her death by sneezing is just one of the many buckets of stories attributed to her.  She joins Banjo and Squeaky in rescuing Gummy when Gummy is mistaken for Jasper Manorlodge and taken back to the Manorlodge home.

Stacy revealed she was born a hobo, but left the hobo life to become a grifter.  She used to go by the name Madeline Falsename, and would rob from the rich by poisoning their eyes with a tincture of blinding poison. She would take their wealth and bury it in a potter's field outside of new oldhaven.  She met a millionaire who wasn't a louse and she fell in love with him, leaving behind her one fingerless glove as they were societal unequals, and became a hobo again.

It turns out that she is not the Hobo Princess, but the Hobo Cinderella.  Squeaky, her hobo partner, was once a millionaire, Robson Pigglebanks from Atlanta, who left the millionaire life to follow her.