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Spooky Hal (Hal Lublin ) is the narrator of Beyond Belief. He opens the show with the same intro and closes it with a wordplay-laden retrospective and a joke title for a future episode. He is also involved in some of the Doyles adventures in his capacity as a wil o' the wisp who watches their lives.

His name is Merryl.


"It's time to send the little ones to dreamland and set your radio's dial to spooky... Bolt the door, lock your windows, and steel yourself for this evening's final feature: Beyond Belief.

Meet Frank and Sadie Doyle: Toast of the upper crust, headliners on the society pages, and, oh yes... They see ghosts!

Frank: Who cares what evil lurks in the hearts of men?

Sadie: Unless evil's carrying the martini tray, darling! *clink!*

Join the Doyles as they walk beyond belief in tonight's dark episode..."

Will o' the Wisp

Will o' the Wisps are magical creatures who tell humans stories in order to entrance them and drain their energy. In the 2013 Valentine's Day episode, it was revealed that the narrator was a Will o' the Wisp. He attempted to ensnare the Doyles with tales of their own triumphs and steal their souls, but he failed miserably. In the next chronological episode, he declares "I am still a Will o' the Wisp!" after the outro.

Non-Canonical Appearances

Non-narrator Appearances