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Spencer Cogswell III is a character in Tales of the Troubleshooters, a part of theSparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars universe. He is played by Ben McKenzie.


Spencer is a new hire to the Pinkertron Intergalactic Tech Support Agency, and has been assigned to ride with Harriet Alcott-Jiminy, aka The Troubleshooter, as his partner. Harriet calls Spencer "Rook", short for "Rookie".

After being recalled from furlough, Harriet and Spencer return to work. Harriet had meant to spend time with her husband, Mordecai Benmont Jiminy (the Barkeep); however, after becoming angry with him for allowing a lot of trouble to come into his place, she did not object to having her furlough shortened. (Murder In His Place.) Spencer is concerned for her and attempts to get Hariet to open up, but she quickly shuts him down.

Spencer and Harriet first deal with a malfunctioning cyberdog and the resulting fight between its owner, Grimmet and his brother Jerel. They are then sent to deal with Mercy Laredo for attempting an 11-11, electronically altering the manufacturer warranty on an electronic device and then using it in ways contrary than intended use.

Before issuing Mercy a citation, a nearby disturbance disrupts all of their electronic equipment. Before it can be restarted, Croach the Tracker is resurrected nearby by V'stalu of the Galaxium. Croach speaks to Hariett, Felton, and Mercy, granting them each peace of mind for their various troubles and causing Hariet to want to reconsile with her husband.  

Croach tells Spencer that he does not need his mind calmed, but he is where he needs to be in the universe, though Spencer is doubtful. However, Hariet takes Spencer with her to reconsile with her husband. After the two talk, she introduces Spencer, who explains that his family have always made cogs, and are unhappy with him for becoming a troubleshooter instead of carrying on the family business. Mordecai and Hariet share a meal with Spencer, showing him how a family is supposed to act, and Spencer finds peace with his place in the universe.