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Sparks Nevada Vs Everything All At Once is an episode of Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars.


Episode audio


The full episode video was performed as part of The Thrilling Adventure Hour Live Youtube Show and may be purchased at Vimeo. Proceeds from the live stream and from sales of this recording benefit food banks in Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, and other cities.


WorkJuice Players

(Top) Joshua Malina, Annie Savage, Mark Gagliardi, (Bottom) Craig Cackowski, Marc Evan Jackson, and Busy Philipps perform TAH Live from their homes, via Zoom.

Guest Stars


Sparks Nevada wonders if he is beginning to lose his edge in performing his duties, as things seem too quiet on Mars. He speaks to the Barkeep while inside the Space Saloon, and even Felton seems happy and calm.

Croach enters, and tells Sparks there is a communique from USSA Captain Sandy Manlius. Croach plays Sandy's recording, where he informs Sparks that invaders from unknown space with limited intellect, nefarious intention, and limitless greed are on a collision course with Mars, possibly to destroy the planet. The USSA can't stop it, so it's up to Sparks. Glenn also has Sandy send his love from offscreen before the end of the transmission.

Croach, Felton, Barkeep and the Space Saloon are all very calm at this news. Everyone has faith in Sparks to handle the situation.

The Space Saloon then tells Sparks that the Earth is calling. Barkeep begins to realize that maybe he does want trouble in his place. The Saloon tells Sparks that the Earth is calling to say that they want to leave the Solar System Alliance. COO of Earth Shaw Flarp comes on the call, to say that they still demand everyone does what Earth says, but they won't be nice about it, and they won't be in the alliance. After several important votes and repeals and appeals, they are out, and expect the Earth's Moon to follow. The moon calls the Saloon, and informs her it refuses to follow Earth.

Sparks asks if something weird is going on at Earth, and Shaw responds that there is an obelisk telling them to be calm and make bad choices, and they can't get near it to defy it. Shaw says they may now blow up the Earth's Moon, and hangs up.

Everyone is still sure of Sparks' ability to handle all of the current problems. The Red Plains Rider arrives, in a near-panic and raising the alarm that macrobes are on Mars and infecting people with a disease that can only be caught by them catching you.

Sparks gets everyone, except Red and Croach, that they are brainwashed by the Obelisk too. Croach merely agrees with the others that Sparks is competent enough to handle the situation based on precedent. Barkeep, the Saloon and Felton try to get Sparks, Croach and Red to join the Obelisk, all of whom decline. Red insists they deal with the macrobes by cleaning everything really well.

Sparks suggests the heroes allow the Obelisk into their minds just a tiny bit. He then angers Croach intentionally via idiom, and allows himself to panic just a little. Sparks then overwhelms Felton with Croach's cranky anger and Red and Sparks' panic. Felton's panic allows himself, Barkeep and the Saloon Doors to break free, and puts Felton through a conference call to the invading aliens. Felton panics admirably at the unreasonable.

Red and Croach, while impressed with Sparks' plan, confirm here that they are both also marshals and know the same things. The invading forces believe Felton is the leader of Mars, and will return to their own galaxy. Their disorganized invasion is flying around in Mars' atmosphere, and are being attacked by the macrobes. The alien's previously unseen physiology made the macrobes sick, and they are falling out of the sky.

The Doors report that Earth called back and Felton's fear exploded the obelisk successfully. They still are going to leave the alliance despite not wanting to, but will get to it eventually.

Croach notes that the macrobes particulates and aliens flying around are causing the sky to actually fall, and with this, the episode ends.


  • Marc Evan Jackson played the piano and sang the Sparks Nevada theme song solo, as group singing via livestream is rife with difficulties.
  • Per Sparks, he has been performing his marshal job for fifteen years now, setting this episode in 3020 in current continuity / canon. It appears that this is the next episode after My Only Sunshine.
  • Sandy Manlius was previously seen in Into Darkness (TAH #131) and mentioned in The Red Plains Rider segment Carbonite-mare (TAH #148). Sandy's husband, Glenn, was also in Into Darkness, and last seen in Carbonite-mare as he assisted Red in rescuing Cactoid Jim and Sandy from Chesh Glutterfane.
  • Barkeep hopes the news from Earth is about Todd. This is likely a reference to Todd Cooper.
  • Macrobes had previously been mentioned in Red Alert (TAH #95) - An air whale had died above The Secreted City of Rococoo, causing a plague in the city. A teenage Red helped end the plague, earning her Dale Tremain's trust and finding she had a tendency for doing good.
  • Although Red has previously held the job of Marshal on Mars, this is the first time Croach has held that station. It appears Mars now has three co-marshals.



This episode was recorded via Zoom and broadcast on YouTube on March 22nd 2020. It was released for purchase on Vimeo on March 25th, 2020. The audio was released on the podcast feed on August 25, 2020.