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Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars is a serialized segment, which should be listened to in order.  It also has several "Spin-Offs", or other segments which take place in the same universe, but do not have Sparks Nevada as a central character.  These segments add to the overall story of the Sparks Nevada universe and most should be listened to in order with the main Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars segment.

This page lists all Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars universe episodes in order of continuity, to help first-time listeners not miss any episodes and hear the story in order.  

This page includes episodes from:

For a timeline of the Sparks Nevada universe, see Sparks Nevada Universe Timeline. (New listener warning: heavy spoilers.)

This page does not include any segments performed while the show was at M Bar. Information on those episodes may be found at the M Bar Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars page.

War of Two Worlds

War of Two Worlds occurs first, chronologically, the entire series in order of podcasts released. However, know that these episodes differ greatly from what the rest of the Sparks Nevada universe episodes sound and feel like. It could be recommended that you skip these episodes and listen to them last, or in the order they were released with the rest of the podcast to get the extra history behind the universe.  Another suggestion could be to listen to War of Two Worlds right after Cactoid Jim, King of the Martian Frontier - Mayors' Retreat (TAH #83).

All Other Segments

Episodes are from Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars unless otherwise noted.

Bolded episodes have been moved out of podcast order.  Note that Christmas specials are usually released a year following their recording.  They have been moved back to their proper places in the narrative in the below list along with a few other changes that make sense for the narrative of the overall story.

All Thrilling Adventure Hour Treasury (TC #) episodes are out of podcast-release order, as these episodes are releasing presently, but are assumed to take place pre-live show episodes (TAH#) in continuity.

Episodes marked with an asterisk (*) at the end are paid content that was not originally found on the regular podcast.  The content can be found via the link provided.

Please note that many episodes are only available now as a Pateron member.