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Son of Beyond Belief is an segment of Beyond Belief that is part of A Halloween Beyond Belief.


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Frank and Sadie eagerly await the return of their son, Junior. He arrives, wanting them to act "as a family". After they put him to bed, Sadie confides in Frank that she believes they have been enchanted. They break free of the hold the magic has on them.

"Junior" reveals that he is actually Pinocchio. Geppetto kicked him out, and when he wished on a star for a new family, the Blue Fairy sent him to the Doyles.

The Doyles summon the Blue Fairy and discover that she has been getting her energy from frustrated wishes. They reunited Pinocchio and Geppetto, which causes a feedback loop of wish energy and she explodes.

Quotable Lines

Frank: Sadie your concern for Junior is as charming as your utter disregard for everyone else who has ever lived.
Sadie: Other than you.
Frank: I of course love you and only you. Besides him.
Frank: Well, they get old so fast, don’t they love?
Sadie: Children?
Frank: No, these pleas for supernatural assistance.
Sadie: But if we didn’t have these adventures, Frank, we’d only ever see each other.
Frank: I could live with that.


  • Clink count: 2


This segment is a part of A Halloween Beyond Belief, the 143rd of the Thrilling Adventure Hour that also included Ladies and Skeleton.


This episode was recorded at Largo on October 30, 2013 and released on November 21, 2013.