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Shape Ape (Clancy Brown & Paul F. Tompkins) is a villain in The Adventures of Captain Laserbeam. He is the smartest of all the great apes (except humans). He uses his almost vast intellect to commit shape-based atrocities like turning the Apex City square into a different shape. He is Tyler's least favorite boss.

The Domosphere is his secret headquarters; it contains his deathtrap known as the Cube of Triangles, in which the cube traps you while the triangles assault your every inch, as is their way. His lair, however, is the Gorilla Grotto.

When not engaged in villainy, Shape Ape ponders the great questions of life. 

Shape Ape briefly teamed up with The Fishwife, who showed him the shape of love.

Shape Ape became Captain Laserbeam's 6th most dangerous foe after the retirement of The Numbler. He is good friends with Tyler after Tyler retires from henching.

Great Questions of Life

  • What is the meaning of triangle?
  • If the form has 4 sides but the sides are not all parallel, is is still a rectangle?
  • Can anyone possibly conceive of a five sided figure? Someday, perhaps, but what might it look like?
  • What is the kingdom and phylum of a circle that makes it the king of shapes?



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