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Sandy Manlius is a character in Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars. He is played by Clark Gregg.


Sandy Manlius is married to Glenn, a former Doctor. Sandy fell in love with Glenn while watching Glenn deliver an octoform's brood on Rigel 9. Some time later, they were married.

Sandy Manlius is the captain of an unnamed USSA vessel. He was promoted to the position of Captain after the previous Captain, Fontaine, was killed by Jib Janeen, the Jupiter Spy.

After the promotion, Sandy and Glenn's vessell was tasked with tracking down Jib Janeen. However, Jib had frozen Antoinette Fontaine, the former XO of the ship, and had taken her form to hide in plain sight. Fontaine convinced Glenn and Sandy that the Jupitarian was back on Mars, so with no other leads, Sandy took the ship to Mars. 

He teleported down to speak with Sparks Nevada, and was met with the sight of The Red Plains Rider about to give birth. He teleported Glenn in to assist with the birth, and then Fontaine, who revealed himself to be the spy. As the Red Plains Rider's baby was actually an incubated Jupiterian baby, Sandy and Sparks allowed Jib escape, as to not kill a defenseless child.

After dropping Red off on the plains of Mars, Sandy and Glenn resumed their search for Jib Janeen. Either Janeen or another Jupiter Spy managed to sneak back on to Sandy and Glenn's ship, and froze Sandy in carbonite, then sold him off, only to eventually land in the collection of Chesh Glutterfane. Glenn mounted a rescue party, but was unsuccessful in saving Sandy, however, he did live through his arena-battle in the rescue attempt.

Later, when The Red Plains Rider arrived to rescue Cactoid Jim, who was also frozen in carbonite and in Glutterfane's collection, Glenn was able to assist Red after she freed him from his slave coller. Together, Red and Glenn saved Sandy, Jim and many other slaves and their frozen loved ones, and bring Glutterfane to justice.

In Sparks Nevada Vs Everything All Up At Once, Sandy Manlius records a message for Sparks Nevada which Croach brings to Sparks and plays for him in the Space Saloon. Sandy informs Sparks that invaders from unknown space with limited intellect, nefarious intention, and limitless greed are on a collision course with Mars, possibly to destroy the planet. The USSA can't stop them, so it's up to Sparks. Glenn also sends his love from offscreen before the end of the transmission.



  • In the Tales of the United Solar System Alliance episode in the Original Graphic Novel, Ensign Brank Manlius accompanies Captain Gene Peeples, Ensign Erica Peeples, and Ensign Lewis Bambrill to planet X27991. Although it is not outright stated that Brank is related to Sandy, it is likely, as families are highly encouraged within the USSA and nepotism is rampant.
  • Due to Intergalactic Amendment 8, the wording on who can be promoted to Captain of USSA vessels was changed from only the captain's "wife" can be XO to the Captain's "spouse", as it is USSA protocol to only grant command of starcrafts to married couples. Thus, Sandy and Glenn were allowed to command their starcraft.