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S'tonge of the Galaxium is a character in Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars, and a part of The Great Thrilling Adventure Hour / Welcome to Night Vale Crossover.  He is played by Wil Wheaton on the podcasted episode, and was played by John Roderick in the lost Emerald City Comic Con version of the crossover.


S'tonge of the Galaxium is a cosmic being of "the Galaxium". The only other known member of the Galaxium was V'stalu, who was consumed by Croach the Tracker's Nah Nohtek and no longer exists.

The members of the Galaxium are omniscient, and possess The Force Galactic, the most powerful force in the universe. As a member of the Galaxium, it's S'tonge's blessing and curse to watch the events of the universe, even the boring parts, and record these events with his Pen Cosmic. It is a lonely job, but S'tonge laments he cannot create a woman to keep him company because as soon as she figures out what he did, she will leave him. He knows this via omniscience.

In the crossover episode, S'tonge speaks directly to the audience, introducing himself, the Galaxium, the rules he must abide by and the sponsors of the episode. S'tonge also takes the place of Folksy Hal as the narrator. On a meta level, this is partially because Hal Lublin was playing Steve Carlsberg, a Welcome to Night Vale character.

When the entire universe is on the brink of ending due to Dolores County undoing the events that Claxon and Samuel Bolt performed to erase Pemily Stallwark from history and thus let the moon get destroyed and yet still existing herself, S'tonge appears in The Marshal Station. S'tonge tells those present that he will save the universe, disobeying the ordinance that normally prevents him from interfering in the events of the universe, should Dolores agree to marry him and become his cosmic bride. Dolores offers to date him first, but when S'tonge says it's marriage or he'll let the universe end, Dolores turns S'tonge down, and S'tonge leaves without saving the universe.