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Robots (Colloquialism: Robits) are a race of mechanical beings in the Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars universe. Although there are some non-sentient robots, typically robots in the Sparks Nevada universe are thought of as sentient.

It should be noted that there are also Androids and Cyborgs in the Sparks Nevada universe, which are considered to be separate races.

Robot History

Sentient robots were invented by Ray Bogle in the 26th century, after the events of Mayors' Retreat. Bogle temporarily traveled to the 31st century with his partner Mitch Snow in an attempt to retrieve Jim Lyons, otherwise known as Cactoid Jim, from the time hole he fell through. While in the 31st century, he was told by A41397X442, a protocol robot, that he would become the inventor of sentient robots. After returning to his own time without Jim, Ray Bogle presumably fulfilled the destiny foretold to him by A41397X442.

Shortly after sentient robots were invented, there was a robot rebellion.  This rebellion was stopped by The Red Plains Rider, who went back in time and later returned to the 31st Century.

Robot Culture

  • Robots have full rights and personhood in the Sparks Nevada universe.
  • For unknown reasons, a large amount of known robots in the Sparks Nevada universe appear to be outlaws. Presumably there are many robots such as Steve 3PO and A41397X442 who are not outlaws, but Sparks Nevada does not encounter them as often.

Robot Physiology

  • As robots are built and not reproduced biologically, they do not all serve the same purpose and therefore presumably differ wildly in build, size, and components.
  • Unlike cyborgs, robots are 100% mechanical. Unlike androids, robots do not appear to be human.
  • Many parts on robots can be switched out after being damaged.
  • Robot gender is a complicated, intricate and personal issue, although robot's voices are programmable.
  • At least some Robots possess pleasure centers.
  • Robots do not have noses, as they look ridiculous on robots. They also do not have olfactory senses.

Robot Weaknesses

Although robots can switch many of their malfunctioning parts out, they are still able to be "killed" in several ways.

  • A flood of water killed the giant robot the The Halley’s Comet Gang transformed into.
  • Shooting certain parts of a robot can damage it beyond repair.
  • Presumably, EMPs can disable robots, as they also disable a cyborg's robot parts

Non-Sentient Robots

Non-sentient robots are sometimes also referred to as robots, but are also known as automatons.

Notable Sentient Robots