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Riposte Mortem is an episode of The Algonquin Four.


Episode audio on Megaphone (segment begins at 0:25)


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The Algonquin Four meet in the lobby of the Forty Fourth Street Hotel and begin trading barbs when there's a weird sciency sound. They head to the restaurant to meet George Kaufman, Edna Ferber and Alexander Woollcott, all of whom are making banal conversation about the weather. Houdini investigates using Dorothy's mirror, and notes all of their friends' eyeballs are black.

Woodrow heads in to investigate, and thinks he finds the person responsible -- a nondescript person near the water closet who keeps zapping people. Benchley heads over to talk to the newcomer, and also falls into a malaise. The others confront him and he introduces himself as Mr. Mundaneiac, once a busboy at the restaurant but now a supervillian, fed up with the witty banter of the Round Table. He shoots a ray at Dorothy and Houdini, who also become banal.

Wilson sympathizes with Mr. Mundaneiac, bonding over how he was history's most forgettable president. He offers Mundaneiac a seat at the table, which convinces Lesser to release the others. Tom Lesser stumbles to impress the table with his observations, and realizes the life of wits isn't for him.




This episode was released on November 26, 2018.