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Ride Along, Sparks Nevada opens the episode "Sparks Nevada's "I'm from Earth" Day Special.  It was written by Eban Schletter and performed by Sara Watkins and Sean Watkins. A studio version may also be heard in A Sneak Preview of Eban Schletter's New Podcast.

The song was recorded for The Thrilling Adventure Hour Youtube Show #4 and released on May 23, 2020 after the live show aired. This performance featured Janet Varney, Jonathan Coulton, and Paul F. Tompkins with Eban Schletter on guitar and theramin. This performance can be viewed for free on Vimeo or purchased on Bandcamp.


By the light of the moon, and the other moon
Out where the campfire's glare irradiates the air
Let me hear the tune of the scarlet dunes
And the Marshal who upholds what's right and fair

Ride along, Sparks Nevada
May the gamma rays serenade your way
Ride along, Sparks Nevada
You'll return to Earth again someday

Ride along, Sparks Nevada
May the cosmic force of justice lead you on
Ride along, Sparks Nevada
The galaxy will echo with your song

So sing me a song of the marshal who longs
To fight the fight of righting wrongs
Sparks Nevada, ride along!


Unofficial chords for this song can be found here