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Ray Bogle is a 26th century astronaut in Cactoid Jim, King of the Martian Frontier. He is played by Zachary Levi.

Bogle is noteworthy for being the inventor of sentient robots.


Ray Bogle was an astronaut who worked with Mitch Snow and James Lyons.

On a deep space mission, he watched as Lyons fell through a time hole, which then closed behind him. He and Snow scooped up all the leftover time particles from the disturbance and returned them to scientists on Earth. Five years and 10 inventions later, Scientists found a way to allow Snow and Bogle to travel to the 31st century to retrieve Lyons and bring him back to the 26th century.

While visiting the 31st century, Snow and Bogle found that James, now living under the name Cactoid Jim, did not wish to return with them. Jim encouraged Bogle to "find himself" as he believed Bogle was destined for great things. Bogle asked a robot also attending the Mayors' retreat where Snow and Bogle found Jim, A41397X442, what his destiny was, A41397X442 told Bogle that he would be the inventor of sentient robots.

Presumably, after returning to the 26th century, Bogle spent his life inventing sentient robots, and succeeded.  Not long the invention of sentient robots, there was a robot rebellion.  Another time hole was opened so Cactoid Jim could return and keep the rebellion turning into a future-altering war, however, The Red Plans Rider instead went to the 26th Century, stopped the war and returned to the 31st.


  • Bogle was named after the tattie bogle (as part of a set of obscure references along with the names of Snow and Lyons).[1][2][3]



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