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Punishment Soccer is a fatal bloodsport forced upon Earth's Moon. It is a parody of the Hunger Games from The Hunger Games books and movies.  

Punishment Soccer was one of several bloodsports in the Deathletics, and was broadcast to the entire galaxy.


Punishment Soccer was instigated after the citizens of Earth's Moon rebelled 76 years ago.  (See the entry for the Moon for more information.)

Punishment Soccer participants were auto-volunteered.

Cactoid Jim dismantled the Punishment Soccer after the events of Good Jim in 3012.

The people of the galaxy felt so bad about what they'd done, all Punishment Soccer participants from the past 76 years were cloned and allowed to live freely.  Many went to live on Mars and play intramural regular/non-punishment soccer as seen in Free Kicks.

Known Punishment Soccer Players

  • Pemily Stallwark - Victor of the final Punishment Soccer
  • Yeera - Pemily's (near) boyfriend, also from Zone 3 in her year, who sacrificed himself for Pemily.
  • Bradam and Jessamyn, who played Fullbacks from Zone 7. They killed Yeera, and were killed by Pemily as revenge.
  • Paulf, who invented alliances.
  • Hosette Underbrook who secretly had gills, thus instituting pre-match genetic testing.
  • Drebecca, who broke the Punishment Soccer color barrier, leading to stronger electrified color barriers on every field.
  • Macrum, who was carried off by descent mosquitos.


  • Wicker Baskets can contain equipment and refreshment
  • Orange Slices
  • Bayonet Cleats
  • Capri Sun
  • Juice Boxes
  • Chainmail Shin Guards


In addition to other players, there are several other hazards in Punishment Soccer.

  • Descent Mosquitos from Zone 2
  • Poison Fire
  • Chalk Mines
  • Refereavers
  • Glass Grass